What to Expect When Undergoing Chin Augmentation in Houston

The chin has a major effect on the look of your profile. Also, if you have a receding chin, it may throw off the proportions of your face, making the nose look too large (when it’s not). Conversely, a large chin can make your nose look too small. When a chin size and shape makes the nose look out of proportion, some people think they need a rhinoplasty (nose job) when a chin augmentation would be a better solution.

In this blog, top facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Cecil Yeung will explain a chin augmentation.


What is a chin augmentation?

A chin augmentation procedure, also called a genioplasty, is a surgery that uses an implant that's contoured to match the proportions of the rest of the face. The procedure may also involve achieving the desired look by manipulating the jawbone.


When is a chin augmentation recommended?

A chin augmentation may be recommended for the following instances:


What is involved in a chin augmentation?

Once you and your surgeon decide you’ll undergo chin augmentation surgery to reshape or enhance the size of the chin, the decision is made whether to simply insert an implant or to move and/or reshape bones.

For chin implant surgery, a small incision is made inside the mouth. The implant is then inserted and positioned. Next, the incision is closed and a dressing is applied. The incision will be invisible once it’s healed since the entire surgery was performed in your mouth.

For a procedure reshaping and moving bones, the surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth along the lower gum. The underlying chin bone is then reshaped using surgical tools. The jaw bone is moved into place and secured to hold its position. The incision is closed and a dressing is applied.


What can you expect when undergoing a chin augmentation?

While a chin surgical procedure is different for each individual, here’s a general overview of what you can expect during a genioplasty in Houston with Dr. Yeung:


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Dr. Yeung is a double board certified plastic surgeon in Houston with specialized training and significant experience in performing chin augmentations. His meticulous and special care in crafting a natural look, using the least invasive methods possible, have built Dr. Yeung’s reputation as a premier plastic surgeon.

Most procedures are conducted at The Yeung Institute, an on-site surgical facility with deluxe accommodations, friendly and professional staff, and equipped with the latest modern technology for surgery. The luxurious, comfortable setting helps clients relax as they undergo chin augmentation procedures that create balanced facial features.

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