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Otoplasty & Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Houston

At the Yeung Institute, top Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Cecil Yeung and Dr.Burchhard specializes in facial plastic surgery procedures including otoplasty surgery, with an emphasis on minimally-invasive techniques that deliver the most natural-looking results with a shorter recovery period. Because of his dual specialty as an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon, Dr. Yeung is one of the best otoplasty surgeons in the Houston area, in addition to sinus and nasal-related surgeries like rhinoplasty.

Dr.Buchhardt is specialty trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and has developed a presiious reputation for providing long lasting natural results for her patients. She takes a personalized approach in your care by acknowledging your concerns and expectations.

Otoplasty Sp

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty surgery, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, is a surgery that is performed to change the appearance of the ears without altering hearing ability. Often times, otoplasty is considered by a patient who wants to change the shape or protrusion of his or her ears and achieve a more subtle and natural appearance. It’s a procedure that can be performed on patients of all ages, including children.

What is otoplasty used for?

Otoplasty (ear surgery) may be used to:

  • Pin back the ears
  • Reshape or resize the ears
  • Make one or both ears more proportionate to the size and shape of the head and face
  • Make the ears more symmetrical

When is otoplasty recommended?

Cosmetic ear surgery may be recommended for any patient looking to enhance or change the appearance of the outer ears so that they appear less prominent and more natural. Otoplasty can be performed on patients of all ages, but it is usually not advised for children until their ears have finished developing. For children who have abnormal ear shape or protrusion, undergoing an otoplasty can have a tremendously positive impact on self-esteem, allowing them to attend school without concerns about peer ridicule.

What does otoplasty involve?

Surgery begins with an incision made just behind the ear, in the natural fold where the ear is joined to the head. The surgeon then removes or softens the necessary amount of cartilage and skin in order to achieve the desired effect. In some cases, the surgeon will trim the cartilage, shaping it into a more desirable form before pinning the cartilage back with permanent sutures to secure it.

What can I expect when undergoing ear surgery?

While the surgery will differ based on your individual needs and age, here’s an overview of what you can expect during otoplasty in Houston:

  • The surgery is typically performed without general anesthesia for adults
  • Children will have anesthesia so they are sedated throughout the entire procedure
  • The procedure will last from 1-4 hours
  • Results can be seen immediately
  • A light dressing is put on the ears immediately following surgery and remains for one day
  • After that, a tighter bandage goes around the ears for a week
  • Downtime is about 10-14 days, although adults can usually return to work in about a week
  • There is no visible scarring, since the surgery is performed from an incision made in the back of the ear fold

Where can I find the best facial plastic otoplasty surgeon in Houston?

In most cases, otoplasty procedures will be performed at the Yeung Institute’s state-of-the-art, fully accredited surgery center on premises, where patients receive exceptional care in a luxurious, private and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are interested in changing the shape or appearance of your ears, contact our office today or call our office to learn more about otoplasty.

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