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Facial Plastic Surgery Houston

facial plastic surgery houston

The Yeung Institute is a top-rated facial plastic surgery practice in Houston, TX. We offer a full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures of the face and neck, as well as therapeutic skin care products and treatments. Our emphasis is on tailoring the right treatment for each patient’s particular needs and desired outcome. Every procedure is carefully designed to deliver naturally beautiful and long-lasting results.

At the Yeung Institute, patients can experience compassionate and expert care from start to finish. Our office is conveniently located in the museum district, just minutes away from the Galleria and Medical Center. We offer accessible parking and a private, serene, professional setting where our patients can expect superior quality every time.

All procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art, fully accredited surgery center on our premises. This gives patients access to innovative technology, top anesthesiologists, and nurses to provide a sense of privacy and convenience that you can’t find in a hospital setting. The facility is a truly unique center built around our patients’ needs and best interests. From consultation to in-office cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures, everything is under one roof.

The Yeung Institute attracts patients from all over the country. This includes major cities in Texas, including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and the local Houston communities. Our practice also caters to many international patients.


We specialize in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, including minimally invasive endoscopic procedures with a minimal recovery period.


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Fixing that Scar

"Ken" attended a prestigious law school and was applying for a job at a leading law firm in Houston. When he was in high school, he had been in an accident that left a deep scar on his cheek. During one of his interviews, a young lawyer asked Ken if he had been in a gang. Seeing the scar, the interviewer had made an assumption about Ken’s background. At that moment, Ken decided he had to get his scar removed, and he wanted no down time. Dr. Yeung met with Ken to understand what bothered him ...

A Look to Match His Drive

"Gunther" was an oil executive and was spending an increasing amount of time in front of investors. He had remarked to himself that the investors appear to be getting younger and younger. And satisfying them is not easy. They want a steady hand and a leader who has been through the cycles but who also looks young and energetic! It was a paradox, but reality. Gunther was in good shape. He went to the gym three times a week and was even thinking about training for a triathlon. However, his face ...

Rewinding the Clock

"Bob" was in his mid-50s, and he and his wife had decided to call it quits. The kids were out of college, and it was time for each of them to move on with their separate lives. Bob knew his independent future would be different and a little lonely without someone by his side. He also knew that he didn’t have the swagger he had 30 years ago when he dazzled his ex-wife with his chiseled features and dry wit. He was certain he was a more sophisticated and charming man today, but he just didn't ...

Recapturing Her Youthful Glamour

"Margaret" was all about her family and friends. She had dedicated herself to raising her children and adored her grandchildren. She led a busy social life and had a great circle of friends who were empty nesters and enjoying the next phase of their lives. Recently, she saw a picture of herself on Facebook her daughter had posted and barely recognized the ‘mature’ woman staring back at her. Almost every morning when she looked in the mirror, she would push her lower face up towards her ea ...

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