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Scar Revision Specialist

A scar can make you feel self-conscious and less confident in social and professional situations. Dr. Cecil Yeung of the Yeung Institute in Houston is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive surgery to remove all types of scars. He takes a personalized, meticulous approach to scar revision and removal so you get the results you desire. You don’t have to live indefinitely with an embarrassing scar. Call or schedule a consultation using the online system to find out about the numerous scar revision options Dr. Yeung offers.

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Scar Revision Q & A

What is scar revision surgery?

Scar revision surgery minimizes the appearance of a scar so it blends in with the skin tone and texture that surrounds it. Dr. Yeung can do this in many ways, depending on the severity of your scar. Scar revision treatment may include plastic surgery, topical treatments, or minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Yeung is a renowned plastic surgeon, so he knows which procedure will achieve the best results for your specific type of scar.

What are the different types of scars?

Scars may be a result of an injury or a previous surgery that remain visible after a wound or incision has healed. Scars are sometimes the result of poor healing and include:

Keloid scars

Keloid scars are especially common in people with darker skin tones. The scars form when you have an overly aggressive healing process, and they may interfere with movement.

Contracture scars

Contracture scars are caused by burns. They can tighten skin and affect your ability to move if they impact muscles and nerves.

Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars are raised, red scars. They are typically confined to the area of your body that was injured, so they don’t usually affect movement.

Acne scars

Acne scars are the result of blemishes and come in many types, from deep pits to angular shapes.

Whatever type of scar you have, Dr. Yeung recommends a variety of treatment options to diminish its appearance and restore movement, if necessary. Because of his plastic surgery expertise, he is often requested to perform emergency scar closures on people with facial injuries. He also offers nonsurgical scar revision options for less severe situations.

What types of nonsurgical treatments can fix existing scars?

The type, size, and location of your scar may determine what type of treatment will be most effective — surgical or nonsurgical. In some cases, Dr. Yeung may recommend a combination of scar revision techniques to achieve optimal results. Nonsurgical options include:

  • Steroid injections to reduce inflammation
  • Cryotherapy to freeze the scar tissue
  • Silicone sheets
  • Dermal fillers
  • Acne treatments
  • CO2 laser skin resurfacing

Dr. Yeung is an expert at correcting scars both surgically and nonsurgically so you can regain confidence and self-esteem, especially if you’ve been living with a facial scar that’s hard to hide. Call or schedule a consultation using the online system and take the first step toward getting rid of an unsightly scar.


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