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Genioplasty in Houston

Dr Yeung and Dr. Burchhardt are both the best genioplasty (chin augmentation surgery) surgeons in Houston, known for their minimally-invasive and meticulous surgical techniques and for delivering the most natural-looking results with a shorter recovery period.

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What is genioplasty?

Genioplasty, also known as chin plastic surgery or chin augmentation, is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to change the appearance of the chin. The chin is a defining feature of the face that can greatly impact the facial profile and proportions if it is too small, too large, or if it is non-symmetrical in shape.

What is genioplasty used for?

Chin augmentation may be used to:

  • Build up the size of a small or receded chin
  • Reshape or resize a large or non-symmetrical chin
  • Reduce chin height by rounding

When is genioplasty recommended?

A genioplasty may be recommended for any patient looking to enhance or change the appearance of the chin in order to:

  • Achieve better balance of the facial features
  • Make the face more symmetrical
  • Build a better profile
  • Achieve a noticeable change in facial silhouette

Chin augmentation is sometimes performed at the same time as a rhinoplasty to help balance the facial proportions.

What does genioplasty involve?

Depending on each patient’s needs, chin augmentation may be achieved through manipulation of the jawbone (mandible) or through the use of a prosthetic, biocompatible implant. For surgery involving the placement of a chin implant, the procedure begins with the surgeon making a small incision within the mouth, through which he can insert the prosthesis. After closing the incision, a dressing is applied. Once healed, this incision will be invisible.

What can I expect when undergoing chin augmentation surgery?

While the surgery may differ based on your individual needs, here’s an overview of what you can expect during a genioplasty in Houston:

  • The procedure will last from 1-4 hours
  • Downtime is about 10-14 days, although most patients can return to work in about a week
  • The surgery is usually performed from an incision made within the mouth, so there is no visible scar

Where can I find the best facial plastic genioplasty surgeon in Houston?

In most cases, chin augmentation procedures will be performed at the Yeung Institute’s state-of-the-art, fully accredited surgery center on premises in Houston, where patients receive exceptional care in a luxurious, private and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are interested in changing the shape or appearance of your chin, contact our office today or call our office to learn more about genioplasty.

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