What is Involved in Ear Reduction Surgery?

Ear reduction surgery is one form of otoplasty. This type of procedure reduces the size of large, oversized ears giving you a more natural appearance.

At the Yeung Institute, top Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Cecil Yeung specializes in facial plastic procedures including otoplasty. His cosmetic surgery techniques are focused on delivering the most natural-looking results with shorter recovery periods.

In this blog post, Dr. Yeung will explain what is involved in ear reduction surgery.


What type of ear surgery is right for me?

There are some people who have prominent or protruding ears who wish to also reduce the size of their ears. For individuals who have ears that stick out, an ear pinning surgery may be more appropriate.

Macrotia is the medical term for oversized ears that aren’t in proportion to the head. People with macrotia have disproportionately large ears that may or may not protrude. Surgery for correcting macrotia only is called an ear reduction otoplasty.


What is an ear reduction otoplasty?

The form of otoplasty we are focusing on here is the type that resizes and reshapes ears rather than the way ears protrude from the side of the head. Ear plastic surgery can cosmetically alter the ears by reducing the size of overly large ones. It also includes sculpting outsized earlobes. The procedure gives an individual a more natural-looking appearance, boosts confidence, and can be done on an outpatient basis for both children and adults.

During the surgery, your plastic surgeon will remove unwanted cartilage and skin, and reshape the ear to create a smaller, more ordinary-looking size. This gives you a more balanced and symmetrical look. If you wish, as many do, ear reduction surgery is frequently done along with ear pinning.


What is involved with ear reduction surgery?

The procedure begins with anesthesia administration. Medications are given, keeping you comfortable during surgery. You will receive either local sedation or intravenous general anesthesia. Dr. Yeung will recommend the best choice.

Then, an incision is made behind the ear within the crease where the ear meets the head. Dr. Yeung then takes out or softens areas of cartilage and skin in order to accomplish the desired results. In some instances, Dr. Yeung trims the cartilage, sculpting it into a more suitable profile. He then secures the cartilage back into place with internal, non-removable stitches.


What can be expected when undergoing ear surgery?

Surgery will be slightly different for each person due to our unique differences. As a general overview, here is what you can expect during ear reduction surgery in Houston:


Where can I find the best and most trusted ear reduction surgeon in Houston?

At the Yeung Institute, top Texas plastic surgeon Dr. Cecil Yeung specializes in facial cosmetic procedures including ear reduction otoplasty. All his procedures are performed with an emphasis on minimally invasive techniques that deliver the utmost in natural-looking results with shorter recovery times.

Dr. Yeung has a dual specialty as an ear, nose and throat surgeon. This dual specialty makes him a highly in-demand doctor for performing surgeries for ear-related cosmetic issues, in addition to sinus and nasal-related procedures such as rhinoplasty or balloon sinuplasty.

Typically, otoplasty procedures are performed at the Yeung Institute’s state-of-the-art, fully accredited, on-site surgery center where clients receive outstanding care in a deluxe, private and comfortable setting. Our facility gives you premium access to the most innovative technologies, top anesthesiologists, and expert nurses, with the added privacy and convenience not found in a hospital environment. Dr. Yeung's facility is a truly unique center built around what's best for your needs.

If you’re interested in cosmetic ear surgery such as a reduction or pinning, schedule a consultation today. Find out what Dr. Yeung provides, and how he can help you make the best choice in obtaining natural-looking results. Take the first step in improving the appearance of your ears. Contact our office today or call 713-795-4885 to learn more about our cosmetic ear surgery options.

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