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What are the Top Reasons for an Otoplasty Procedure?

woman interested in otoplastyYour ears frame your face, and when you are unhappy with their appearance or have experienced a deformity or injury to your ears, an otoplasty can help. An otoplasty is cosmetic ear surgery where a plastic surgeon changes the appearance of your outer ears, but your hearing is not affected.

In this blog, we’ll review the top reasons an otoplasty procedure is performed, and how board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cecil Yeung can deliver the best results.

What is otoplasty used for?

Otoplasty may be used to correct a noticeable protrusion of the ears, so they lie closer to the sides of the head. This is commonly called “ear-pinning.” Another common reason for otoplasty is to reshape or resize the ears due to a deformity or injury.

Also, some people have ears with differences in size and/or shape. An otoplasty procedure can correct the differences, so the ear pair is symmetrical and better matched in appearance. Finally, ears may be out of proportion in relation to the proportions of the head and face, and an otoplasty will help correct this.

What are the top reasons for an otoplasty?

When you want to change the shape or lessen the extension of your ears, an otoplasty by a board-certified plastic surgeon helps you gain the look you want. The procedure places your ears in a more natural position, so they aren’t the focus of your head and face. By bringing the ears closer to the head and/or reducing the size of large ears, you’ll improve your facial symmetry.

Otoplasty also corrects defects in the ear structure that can be genetic or caused by trauma. Misshapen ears are restructured and/or repositioned into natural shapes. Any missing sections of the ear can be reconstructed, restoring their natural appearance while boosting self-esteem in the process.

When is otoplasty recommended?

When you or your child want to achieve a more natural-looking appearance of the ears, an otoplasty will help. Children can have otoplasty performed at about four or five years of age. By that age, 85% or more of the ear will be developed, so a procedure to correct the ear size and shape will be most effective. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will determine if your child is at an ideal age for ear surgery.

What happens during and after ear surgery?

First, anesthesia is given so there is no discomfort during the surgery. Anesthesia will be given either intravenously or through general anesthesia. You and Dr. Yeung will discuss this beforehand to make the best choice.

Dr. Yeung corrects protruding ears by using a surgical technique to create or increase the fold inside the rim of the ear, as well as reduce and soften the cartilage that makes the ears stick out. Incisions for otoplasty are typically made on the back of the ear in the natural fold where the head meets the ear. If incisions are needed in the front of the ear, they are made in the folds to hide them, and to secure the newly shaped ears in place.

You'll see the results of ear surgery nearly immediately when it is performed to reduce protruding ears. Once the dressings are removed, which help with the initial stages of healing, the improved appearance will be visible. The ears are permanently positioned closer to the head, and any scars from the incisions are behind the ear or hidden in the folds.

Where can I find the best facial plastic otoplasty surgeon in Houston?

Dr. Yeung is a top plastic surgeon located in Houston with more than 20 years of experience in his field. He is highly trained and dedicated to performing facial plastic surgery including otoplasty. All of his procedures are minimally invasive to produce natural-looking results with shorter recovery times. Dr. Yeung is also an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon, so you are entrusting your appearance to a highly sought after and skilled doctor.

Dr. Yeung’s ear tuck, lobe and reduction procedures are performed at the Yeung Institute’s ultramodern, fully qualified and certified surgery center located at his office. At the center, you will receive the best treatment and care in a deluxe, well-appointed, private and luxurious setting. The entire staff is friendly and patient and will make you feel welcomed and comfortable.

If you want to explore your options for achieving natural-looking ears, speak with the staff at our office today. You can start the process by using the form on this page to make an appointment, or please call 713-795-4885 to learn more about the otoplasty procedure. We will get back to you promptly, and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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