What are the Signs of Aging that Most Reveal A Person’s Age and How Can You Address Them?

An undeniable part of life for everyone is aging. What differs for each person, especially a woman, is how we age. It’s ideal to age gracefully and not look as old as we are. Women especially want to strike this balance, which may be hard to reach.

As you age, the skin loses elasticity and this results in wrinkles, age spots, and sagging. In this blog post, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cecil Yeung will explain the top signs of aging.


What are the top signs of aging?

Even with a life of good nutrition, avoiding sun exposure and regular skin care, there are areas that can show more signs of aging than you would like.

Let’s examine some areas of the body that show signs of a fading youthful appearance despite all best efforts.

Crow’s Feet

Your eyes, the centerpiece of the face, speak volumes about your age. Crow’s feet make you look older by developing around the eye’s outer corners. After years of blinking and squinting, the muscle contractions used help develop wrinkles in the skin. The more you use these muscles, the more wrinkles and the sooner these fine lines will appear.

Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are the parentheses framing your mouth and nose area. They stretch from the nose to the corners of the mouth. In some people, the folds are noticeable when talking or smiling. In most, the folds eventually become permanent lines in the skin. A facelift banishes these lines.

Sagging Jowls

When you are young, the stores of fat, collagen and elastin keep your skin full, smooth and youthful. As you age, these stores break down and skin covering these areas begins to sag and wrinkle. You’ll see this commonly around your chin and jaw areas, where the skin hangs, adding years to your appearance. A facelift can correct this condition.

Dark Spots

The development of dark spots and sun damage is a typical skin issue as you age. Sun exposure results in sun and age spots. To correct damage from the sun, and to minimize these small skin discolorations, laser skin resurfacing is recommended.

Under Eye Circles

Under eye circles aren’t only seen in older people; some as young as 20 years old have them too. Many factors contribute to under eye circles: fatigue, stress, genetics, sun exposure and allergies all may cause the capillaries under the eye to leak into the hollow area there.

Add this to thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen as you age, and dark circles under the eye can become painfully obvious, adding years to your face. As the collagen in the skin disappears, and saggy skin results, the hollowness under the eyes makes dark circles even more pronounced. A  lower eyelid surgery procedure helps correct this.

Heavy Upper Eyelids

When you add the different ways we’ve discussed about how your eyes contribute to an older appearance (crow’s feet and under eye circles) there’s another culprit that adds years to your face and impairs vision as well - heavy upper eyelids. As you age, the upper eyelids may begin to droop over the eye, making your eyes look smaller and blocking your vision. As your eyelids droop, they will progressively appear wrinkled and aged. Upper eyelid surgery will minimize droops and wrinkles, giving a rejuvenated appearance.

Sagging Brows

With aging, your eyebrows may begin to droop and sag, giving you a permanent angry or sad expression. Collage deposits under the brows dissipates over the years, making the brow separate gradually from the brow bone, resulting in skin wrinkles below the brow. A brow lift helps erase years from your brow area.


Where can I find treatment for my signs of aging in Houston?

The Yeung Institute is home to Dr. Cecil Yeung, one of the best Houston facial plastic surgeons. Dr. Yeung is a double board-certified surgeon with an excellent reputation for consistency, using careful surgical techniques, and delivering the most natural-looking results with less recovery times. He tailors treatment plans based on your particular needs and desired results.

Take a look at some of the beautiful transformations that his clients have experienced, which are uniquely their own.

Dr. Yeung’s procedures are typically conducted at the Yeung Institute’s ultramodern, fully qualified and certified surgery center located at his office. At the center, you’ll receive the best of treatment in a deluxe, well-appointed, comfortable setting uniquely designed with your best interests in mind.

Dr. Yeung and his staff are committed to developing and maintaining the highest levels of confidence among clients, by focusing on personalized services tailored for each individual.

Explore your options for achieving long-lasting and natural-looking facial revitalization by contacting our office by filling out the form here, or call our office today, to learn more about the solutions discussed here or other cosmetic procedures we offer.

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