This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Facial Rejuvenation

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Facial Rejuvenation

Do you want to take your gift-giving game up a notch this holiday season? Day trips to the spa are a popular gift idea, but what if your loved one has expressed a desire to improve their physical appearance?

Facial rejuvenation with Dr. Cecil Yeung at The Yeung Institute in Houston, Texas, can be a great gift and winter pick-me-up. Here, we’ve curated a few tips to help you find the right gift and ensure it’s well received.

Choosing the right facial rejuvenation procedure 

If you want to give the gift of facial rejuvenation to a loved one, remember that there are many procedures and treatments available, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all process. Here at The Yeung Institute, our facial rejuvenation offerings include:

When gifting a facial rejuvenation service, the two most important points to keep in mind are: Choose a procedure that the gift recipient has mentioned, and don’t plan on scheduling a procedure as a surprise without including a consultation — unless it’s a treatment your loved one already regularly receives, such as Botox®.

Popular choices for facial rejuvenation as a gift

Facial rejuvenation services are extremely popular gifts because their effects last far beyond the holiday season. In the Houston area, the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures for gifts include:

Some patients are more interested in more extensive surgical procedures like facelifts, neck lifts, or blepharoplasty. Approximately 27% of women and 20% of men surveyed said they’d enjoy cosmetic surgery as a gift. Regardless, don’t give a cosmetic procedure that your loved one hasn’t mentioned before. 

Plan your gift exchange appropriately 

Even if your loved one has expressed interest in a facial rejuvenation service, not everyone likes to receive such a personal gift in a public display. While some people are more open to cosmetic treatments and freely discuss them with friends, others prefer to be more discreet about which services they might undergo.

Take this information into account when you exchange gifts with your loved one. For instance, if your intended gift recipient is more private about their cosmetic services, give the gift of facial rejuvenation privately. 

Treat yourself … together!

Your gift of facial rejuvenation doesn’t have to stop with the service itself. Botox and dermal fillers are two of the most common nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, and they’re easily incorporated into a girls’ day out. Plan a lunch and a treatment for you and a friend. There’s no downtime for these injectables, so they can be the cherry on top of a fun day outing.

Gifts that complement facial rejuvenation

If your friend or loved one is already planning on treating themself to a cosmetic procedure, you can still give a gift that complements those procedures. For example, you can help someone after cosmetic surgery by gifting:

If you have questions about our services, you’d like to set up a consultation, or you want to purchase a gift, contact The Yeung Institute today.

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