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There are Better Alternatives to a Forehead Brow Lift

nonsurgical brow lift

You can turn that permanent frown upside down with a forehead brow lift. A sagging or deeply furrowed brow makes you look older and tired, but this cosmetic procedure can erase years from your appearance. While the aging process can’t be stopped, Dr. Cecil Yeung explains how a forehead brow lift works, and the alternatives […]

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Jun, 2016

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What are the Top Reasons for an Otoplasty Procedure?

woman interested in otoplasty

Your ears frame your face, and when you are unhappy with their appearance or have experienced a deformity or injury to your ears, an otoplasty can help. An otoplasty is cosmetic ear surgery where a plastic surgeon changes the appearance of your outer ears, but your hearing is not affected. In this blog, we’ll review […]

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4 Top Things to Consider When Considering a Facelift Surgeon in Houston

woman looking for facelift surgeon

A look in the mirror reveals to you more signs of aging each passing day. It’s a process we all experience as we get older, but there are options you can choose to take years off your face. Looking younger means reducing most signs of aging like the “parentheses” lines on either side of your […]

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Mar, 2016

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Announcing the Launch of Our New Website & Blog

Yeung Institute facial plastic new website launch

The Yeung Institute, a practice dedicated to facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Houston, including minimally invasive endoscopic procedures with a minimal recovery period, is pleased to unveil a brand new look on the web with our website that launched this week ( Our new site includes a number of features including this blog, which […]

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