How Scar Revision Surgery Changes Lives

How Scar Revision Surgery Changes Lives

Are you considering scar revision treatments to reduce the appearance of a scar? Scar revision treatments vary depending on what type of scar you have, and surgical and nonsurgical options are available. 

Nonsurgical treatments include steroid injections, cryotherapy, silicone sheets, dermal fillers, and CO2 laser resurfacing. Depending on what type of scar you have, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Cecil Yeung may also recommend plastic surgery.

Scar revision surgery aims to blend in your scar with the tissue around it, minimizing its appearance. Here at The Yeung Institute in Houston, Texas, we often address scars left behind from injuries, burns, acne, or previous surgeries. Here’s how scar revision surgery can change your life.

Shut the door on past trauma

For many people, a scar is a painful reminder of a traumatic accident or event. This is especially true with facial scars that are difficult to hide. For some people, just seeing the scar when you wake each day can be emotionally draining.

Scar revision surgery helps you heal emotionally from past trauma by eliminating the painful reminder every time you see the scar. 

Restore function

Excessive scar tissue can affect your muscles by reducing your range of motion in the area. Depending on where your scar is located, it can prohibit you from making natural facial expressions or moving other parts of your body, such as your knee or wrist. 

Scar revision isn’t just about aesthetics. Scar revision surgery can help restore functionality and range of motion. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Yeung knows firsthand how muscles and skin function together, and he takes both aesthetics and functionality into consideration for each procedure.

Boost your self-confidence

Scars have a tremendous impact on your self-esteem. According to a survey from the “You Are More Than Your Scar” campaign, 22% of survey respondents experienced low self-confidence due to previous surgery scars, 32% were bothered by acne scars, and 24% felt insecure due to burn scars.

Low self-confidence can affect your work life, your home life, and your social life. Scar revision surgery can boost your self-confidence and can help you feel happy in your own skin. This increase in self-confidence can empower you to step into the limelight at work, better enjoy social settings, or simply feel more at peace at home.

Is scar revision surgery right for you?

Scar revision surgery is a highly individualized surgical procedure, and each method used depends greatly on the location, size, and type of scar you have. Scar revision surgery might be right for you if you:

If surgery isn’t right for you, you’re not out of options. Dr. Yeung is an expert when it comes to matching the right scar revision treatments to each patient, and he may suggest other options available at The Yeung Institute, such as topical creams or minimally invasive treatments.

To learn more about your options, schedule a scar revision consultation today. You can reach us by calling 713-795-4885 or by requesting an appointment online.

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