Everything you Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

Have you thought about getting dermal fillers, but need more information to choose what’s best for rejuvenating your facial appearance? Dermal fillers help to diminish wrinkle lines and restore volume and fullness in the face.

If you have a special occasion where you want to look your best, dermal fillers are a simple and easy way to restore your youthful look non-invasively with long-lasting results.

In this blog post, Dr. Cecil Yeung will explain all the information you need to make good choices in dermal fillers.


What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are made of synthetic and natural collagen used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, restoring a youthful look to your face. Injectable wrinkle fillers can give you a more younger-looking facial appearance.

Have you ever noticed how celebrities, models and women over the age of 45 have smooth and younger-looking skin? That’s because, in most cases, they’ve had wrinkle fillers injected.

The secret is out - you can have the same smooth and younger-looking skin! Throw away those high-priced wrinkle creams that disappoint you in the end. The money you save on creams can easily be used towards dermal filler treatments that give you the results you are looking for.


How do dermal fillers work?

Sometimes called “liquid facelifts”, dermal fillers give you the benefits of a surgical facelift without the recovery period associated with surgery. To get the look you want, fillers are typically used in conjunction with Botox.

Dermal fillers are injected through fine needles under the skin to plump up wrinkles or fill in hollow areas. Botox is used to prevent muscle movements, which cause wrinkles. When both types are used in a facial rejuvenation session, the combination improves your appearance while helping to prevent movements that emphasize wrinkled areas.


Why are dermal fillers used?

When you have the following problem areas, injectable fillers can help with improving the look of:


Rather than have a more expensive, invasive traditional facelift, many people opt for wrinkle fillers to achieve facial rejuvenation. Plastic surgery procedures are always an option, but fillers can help you get the same look less invasively and with no downtime. You can resume your daily activities immediately afterwards.


How long do dermal fillers last?

Fillers can last anywhere from three months to two years depending on the individual. Factors that will affect how long fillers last depend on the type of filler, your skin care regimen, and how your face continues to age.


How do you minimize risks and get good outcomes with dermal fillers?

It’s important to use a board certified plastic surgeon who has the training and experience needed to place fillers in the correct areas.


Looking for dermal fillers in Houston from a top doctor?

Dr. Yeung is a board certified, top facial plastic surgeon in Houston offering dermal fillers. He has a well-known reputation for his personalized and attentive approach for delivering the most natural-looking results for his clients. You can choose from:


A consultation where all your questions are answered and the best treatment options are explored is the first step with expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yeung. By understanding what Dr. Yeung offers and what your desires are, you can make the best choice in obtaining younger-looking, natural results.

If you’re looking to achieve a more youthful, wrinkle-free appearance, contact our office today or call our office to learn more about our dermal filler options

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