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Why Eyelid Surgery Remains Among the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

Author ‘Yeung Institute’

Why Eyelid Surgery Remains Among the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

eyelid surgery: the most popular cosmetic surgery

As the old saying goes, your eyes are the windows to your soul. But are you happy with the eyes you see in the mirror? Age can bring sagging skin around your eyes, making them look droopy and tired. Puffy, droopy eyelids can make you feel embarrassed and even interfere with your vision if your […]

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What Is A Functional Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a functional and cosmetic surgery involving the structure of the nose. While many people associate nose jobs with aesthetic surgery to improve their appearance, rhinoplasty procedures are often done for functional reasons as well. Functional issues affecting your ability to breathe are more than just cosmetic. Because of their negative impact on health […]

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Preparing for Blepharoplasty: Everything You Need to Know

before and after blepharoplasty instructions

As you get older, your eyelids may lose tone and start to droop. It can interfere with your eyesight or simply add years to the look of your face. It’s not a universal problem, so while some people have eyelid issues, others never do. Surgery to correct drooping eyelids is called blepharoplasty, and depending on […]

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No Facelift Makeover: How to Look Younger Without Surgery

It used to be that the road to anti-aging was paved only with surgical procedures, which while very effective, simply aren’t for everyone. If the thought of going under the knife gives you pause, take heart — modern techniques have opened up a whole new fountain of youth that you can dip into without a […]

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Most Popular Plastic Surgery Options for Men

most popular plastic surgery for men

If you instantly think of cosmetic surgery as a feminine pursuit, you can be forgiven, since most patients are women. However, the gap is closing as more men opt for aesthetic procedures to keep themselves looking young, confident, and healthy. When it comes to going under the knife to seek a youthful appearance, some men […]

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Learn how laser resurfacing can take years off your face

When you’re fit and healthy and want to look as young as you feel, laser resurfacing your skin could be just the treatment for which you’ve been seeking. With a simple 30-minute procedure, those obvious signs of aging can be removed from your face, leaving you with a healthy glow and smoother looking skin. Dr. […]

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The Ideal Age To Get A Facelift

best age for facelift

  One question we often get here at The Yeung Institute is about the best age for a facelift. While we’d love to have a simple, across-the-board answer, the fact is that your ideal age may be completely different from someone else’s, and it all depends upon the skin you’re in. With this in mind, […]

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How Your Neck and Jawline Give Away Your Age

While heavy jowls and voluminous necks may have worked for Marlon Brando and Winston Churchill, giving them an air of dignified wisdom, for the rest of us, sagging around the chin and neck simply robs us of our youthful vitality. As Americans join the world in dropping a cool $250 billion annually on anti-aging skin […]

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Fat Transfer vs Fillers: Which Is Best for You?

fat transfer vs fillers - yeung institute

With today’s advanced technology and state-of-the-art nonsurgical procedures, you have quite a selection of cosmetic treatments to choose from to help reverse the outward signs of aging. This can include both facial lines and sagging skin. Our highly skilled facial plastic surgeons offer men and women their expertise in the latest nonsurgical cosmetic procedures: fat […]

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Do You Need a Brow Lift or Facelift?

As you age, it becomes more apparent that skin loses its elasticity and firmness. Your eyebrows may droop, laugh lines grow deeper, forehead furrows don’t seem to go away, and you may develop those tell-tale jowls. Most often genetics plays a role in how your skin ages. If your dad had worry lines, you’re more […]

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