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Facial Fat Transfer in Houston

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Cecil Yeung, MD, FACS, is one of the best facial fat transfer surgeons in the Houston area, known for his minimally-invasive and meticulous surgical techniques and for delivering the most natural-looking results with a shorter recovery period. Depending on your needs and desired results, Dr. Yeung will tailor a fat to face transfer treatment plan that may also include other facial procedures in order to achieve a beautiful, rejuvenated face.

What is facial fat transfer?

As we age, we lose fat in our faces. Normally, we want to lose fat, but, in the face, it is fat that gives us a healthy, youthful look. As facial fat is depleted, the face can start to take on a hollow look. Through a surgical procedure called facial fat transfer, this youthful volume in your face can be restored.

What is facial fat transfer used for?

With facial fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, the lack of plumpness that causes laugh lines, smile lines, and crow’s feet can be replaced with fat removed from other areas of your body and transferred to your face. This restores the youthful fullness and rounded contours in your face.

When is fat transfer to the face recommended?

If you are noticing that the areas around your mouth and eyes are beginning to hollow out over time from the depletion of volume, you may be a good candidate for a facial fat transfer procedure. Hollowness in these areas can make a person appear tired and older than they truly are. A fat transfer to replenish those volume-depleted areas will reverse the visible signs of aging.

Depending on a patient’s needs and desired results. Dr. Yeung may also recommend a facelift in conjunction with facial fat transfer to achieve the best and most natural-looking results.

What does a facial fat transfer involve?

During a facial fat transfer procedure, Dr. Yeung will harvest fat from somewhere else in your body—such as your belly, hips, or buttocks—and process it so that it can be injected with a special technique to fill in the facial areas with volume loss.

A facial fat transfer procedure typically takes 1-3 hours, but when performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift, surgery length will vary.

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What can I expect when undergoing facial fat transfer surgery?

By injecting fat into areas where the skin has already been stretched, such as where skin is loose on the face, grafted fat is provided with ample room to survive. But in order to ensure the success of your facial fat transfer as part of your facial rejuvenation, there are a few things you need to know about and be willing to do to make sure you get the very best results:

  • Choose a skilled, artful plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial surgery and the underlying structure of the tissues within your face
  • You must take precautions to protect the transferred fat during your recovery
  • The newly transferred cells need sufficient blood supply in order to survive
  • The newly grafted fat cells need to be protected from any physical trauma or compression
  • You must avoid any activities or movements that might cause undue stress during recovery
  • Since there are no incisions made during the fat transfer procedure, you do not have to worry about potential scarring

The most important thing to know when considering facial fat transfer is that for the procedure to be successful, minimal movement of the face is required for approximately two weeks after the procedure. Stress, trauma, compression, and other activities that affect your face will have a negative effect on your surgery and not allow your newly grafted fat cells to establish blood supply and thrive in their new location. The cells that survive the fat transfer will stay indefinitely, so the more you restrict your movements during recovery, the better your results will be.

Where can I find the best facial fat transfer surgeon in Houston?

In most cases, facial fat transfer procedures will be performed at the Yeung Institute’s state-of-the-art, fully accredited surgery center on premises in Houston, where patients receive exceptional care in a luxurious, private and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are interested in achievingca fuller, younger-looking face, contact our office today or call 713-795-4885 to learn more about facial fat transfer. You can also get started by filling out the appointment request form right on this page.

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