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What’s Involved in a Facial Fat Transfer?

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Losing weight is typically an accomplishment to celebrate - except when you’re aging and it’s in your face. As you get older, losing the fat in your face is not ideal. It’s the fat in your face that gives you a more youthful and younger appearance.

As the fat in the face is depleted, it gives it a hollow look - which isn’t flattering. When the midface and chin area lose fat, the skin is drawn downwards, giving the face a sunken look due to the empty spots. Fortunately, there is a procedure that can help with this problem, called a facial fat transfer.

A facial fat transfer procedure takes the fat from other places in the body, and it’s used to fill in the hollow spots in the face. By restoring volume to your face, your appearance is more youthful. Dr. Cecil Yeung, a double board certified plastic surgeon, is one of the most experienced facial fat transfer surgeons in the Houston area.

What is a facial fat transfer?

A facial fat transfer, also called fat grafting, takes excess fat from spots like your buttocks, and inserts it into areas of your face that need volume or plumping. The result is a healthier glow and a restoration of a natural, younger look that erases the signs of aging.

A facial fat transfer is also an increasingly popular alternative to using fillers and for implants in chin augmentation. A facial fat transfer is more permanent than using temporary fillers, which need to be replaced. Plumping up the chin and other facial areas using fat from your own body is a more natural method, which reduces the chances of an allergic reaction to foreign substances.

What is a facial fat transfer used for?

With this type of procedure, the hollow areas of your face, which cause laugh lines, the “parentheses” lines on either side of your mouth, and crow’s feet are treated. They are plumped up with fat taken from other spots of your body, which is then injected into your face.

Dr. Yeung uses the fat to reduce lines between your nose and mouth, fix skin indentations and reduce wrinkles. This type of procedure restores the younger-looking fullness and plumper contours in the face as the fat fills out any cavities and indentations.

What’s involved in a facial fat transfer?

During the procedure, the fat from other areas of your body is collected from the hips, stomach, and/or buttocks - each person will be different. The fat is then processed, so it can be transferred using a specialized method to plump up facial areas where you’ve experienced volume loss.

It usually takes about one to three hours from start to finish for a fat transfer. Some people combine this procedure with others, like a facelift, so then the length of time required will vary according to what else is being done.

What should I expect from undergoing a facial fat transfer?

To get optimal results and look your very best after a facial fat transfer procedure, it’s important to select a skilled plastic surgeon with considerable experience in facial plastic surgery who understands the underlying composition of your facial tissues.After surgery, the following precautions must be taken to safeguard the fat that was newly transferred to your face. The new fat needs protection as well as enough blood to survive.

  • Protect your face from any potential physical trauma.
  • Stay away from any pursuits or motions that may cause stress or strain as you are recovering from the procedure.

Given that no incisions occur, you don’t have to be concerned about possible scarring.

Looking for the best facial fat transfer surgeon in Houston?

Dr. Cecil Yeung is one of the best skilled and practiced cosmetic surgeons in Houston. Dr. Yeung has an excellent reputation for consistency, and his careful, precise surgical techniques deliver the results that look the most natural with less recovery time. He tailors treatment plans based on your particular needs and your desired results.

Dr. Yeung’s procedures are typically conducted at the Yeung Institute’s, fully qualified and certified surgery center located at his office. At the center, you will receive the best treatment in a deluxe, well-appointed, comfortable setting.

If you want to explore your options for achieving long-lasting and natural-looking facial revitalization, contact our office. You can start the process by filling out the form here or call 713-795-4885 today to learn more about facial fat transfer.

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